About us

Srinidhi Apartments, one of the leading property developers in Bengaluru, commenced its journey with a commitment to making living comfortable, enjoyable, and affordable to people. We started as a trendsetter in the extremely dynamic and super competitive arena of property development and have been continuing as a pioneering force behind it with our innovative and customer-focused development solutions.
Established in 2015 by Mr. Girish S, Srinidhi Apartments is a result of his vast experience (he has been in the field since the year 1999), enormous hard work, and amazing talent. With our office located at Vittasandra Main Road, we always try to ensure that people across the city have the opportunity to find their dream homes in their preferred locations with the finest amenities. We have an employee strength of more than 80, who keep no stone unturned to offer the very best to our customers with their incredible domain expertise and extraordinary skills. We have come a long way in past years and dream to go much further with our continuous efforts to improve our services and provide our customers an experience to cherish for their lifetime.

Our Vision & Mission

At Srinidhi Apartments, we always strive for excellence and that is where our vision lies. We envisage being a name synonymous with property development in Bengaluru. Our dedication to providing quality, commitment to maintaining transparency, and perserverance to ensuring customer satisfaction are the three pillars of our strength, which keep us motivated in our journey to achieve brillance and superiority.
It is our mission to deliver the best possible real estate solutions to our customers by creating outstanding properties and maintaining stringent quality standards for years. Exclusive construction ideas brainstormed by Srinidhi masterminds take all those high-quality creations to a whole new level.
We not only create luxurious living environments but also pay strong attention to their affordability. While ensuring world-class comfort and a better quality of life, we make sure that each of our creations is made easily accessible even to the middle class buyers. We make quality living totally affordable and that is where we are different from others!
At Srinidhi, on-time delivery never implies adjustment with quality. We make it creation to provide real value-driven projects to our customers and that too on time in order to keep the entire process of possession hassle-free. We also undertake each and every project with complete transparency to respect our customers reliance on us and value our relationships as well.
Each of our approaches contributes to the delight of our customers and that is what we actually consider as our ultimate goal.
We have already developed a happy customer base across the city as well as carved a niche for ourselves within the industry with our high levels of professionalism, reliability, and integrity.
However, we still to go a long way and it is the satisfaction of our customers that keeps us going!