Planning To Buy A Property In Bangalore? 4 Reasons To Choose One Near Electronic City.


Buying a property is a mammoth task, indeed! And when it comes to finding one in Bangalore, the task becomes even one step harder. Why? Well, Bangalore tops the list of destinations most preferred by Indian home buyers. With so many apartments for sale in Bangalore, there is absolutely no dearth of choices, but the tough part is to select the right location.

Though all other reasons including the wonderful climate, the admirable multicultural lifestyle, and great transport convenience contribute to the soaring popularity of Bangalore as the best place in the country for living, it is the tech-savviness of the city that makes it hot favorite of young, go-getting people.

Here comes the importance of the residential neighborhood near the ‘Electronic City’.

Whether you are a person from another city who wants to buy a home in Bangalore or a true Bangalore an who needs to move to a better place within the city, you will always find the places in and around the Electronic City the most suitable ones. We tell you why it is a wise decision to settle down near electronic city:


1. Get Tons Of Choices.

Consider the dimension of the Electronic City and you will realize why size actually matters. Being one of the largest ‘electronic industrial parks’ of our country, it spans over as much as 332 acres of space, which is again split into three separate phases. As we all know, the bigger the space, the better the choices. Hence, it brings tons of choices to you for finding your dream home.

2. Enjoy Immense Growth.


‘Electronic City’ is synonymous with ‘continuous development’. It is known to be one of the fastest growing areas in Bangalore with non-stop developmental activities. The numbers of schools, colleges, universities, offices, shops, malls, recreation zones, and so on are increasing here rapidly with each passing day. In fact, the government is ready to turn it into a ‘smart city’with strategic planning and its careful execution.

3. Stay Well-Connected.


If you buy a home near electronic city, you give yourself the privilege of staying connected with rest of the city 24 hours-a-day. The hub is located in close proximity of other vital places including Koramangala Road, NICE Road, Bannerghatta Road etc. as well as railway stations, educational institutes, shopping malls, multiplexes, restaurants, and so forth. Electronic City also has a special ‘elevated 4-lane Expressway’ to provide access to rest of the city through the Silk Board, which reduces traffic congestion significantly.

4. Maximize Career Opportunities.


Being the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, Electronic City offers tremendous career opportunities which are not at all comparable to those available in other parts of Bangalore. It is a home to more than 200 IT/ITES firms including biggies like TCS, GE, Wipro, Infosys, Bosch, etc. It is hard to find a big IT company name that does not have an office at this major information technology hub.

In short, Electronic City offers the absolute best in Bangalore for aspiring homeowners, which makes it a dream residential place.

At Srinidhi Apartments, we have multiple projects situated in and around Electronic City, which feature world-class infrastructure, magnificent architecture and fantastic amenities. Get in touch with us to explore amazing residential properties and live an enriched life!